Hi Fur-iends!
We are so happy you found us and are following our journey of life together!
We are biological brothers that were saved by a very special rescue organization called Simi Valley Missing Pets from being sold as fighting dogs. Look at our faces, do we look like fighters?! We think not! So thank goodness we were saved so we could be adopted.
Keiko here! I was adopted at 4 months old by my forever paw-rents. They gave me everything I needed… yummy food, lots of toys, soft beds, and lots of love.
Niko here! I wasn’t initially as lucky as Keiko. The people that first adopted me weren’t good to me. Thank goodness they returned me back to the nice rescue people after a few months. That’s when my luck turned around! Keiko’s paw-rents adopted me too! Now I get to live with my brother again and I get lots of love now too!
We are so happy to be together again! We have so much fun doing everything together… and I mean EVERYTHING! We sleep together, go on walks together, go to the beach, go on road trips, go on hikes, and we even take baths together (although we both don’t like baths very much).
Live is so good now and we are both happy to have eachother for the rest of our lives! Thanks again so much for following our journey! ❤ 


Keiko here again! Wanna get to know me better? Here are some fun facts about myself that you may not know:
1. I have a tiny little underbite. My parents think its so cute.
2. My nickname is Ostrich because I love to come up to people when they are sitting and bury my head between their legs so they have to pet the back of my neck. It’s my favorite place to be pet!
3. I was very sick as a little puppy and had the canine coronavirus. The nice people that rescued me truly saved my life. Now I am big and strong thanks to them!
4. I’m an excellent kisser! I’ll lick your face off if you let me and if your not careful, I might slip you the tongue 😉  
5. I have the softest chest you’ll ever feel. Mom says it feels like a bunny.
6. I think I am rat hunter but I haven’t caught any in the backyard YET… one day I will and I’ll be so proud of myself. 
7. I protect our house! If there is an unfamiliar noise, I am the man of the house and I bark until the intruder goes away. Someone’s got to protect the house because Niko is lazy. Occasionally I will recruit him for extra backup if I need it!
8. I have to sleep covered up with a blankie. If it comes off in the middle of the night,  I go to mom’s side of the bed and boof in her face until she wakes up, then I scurry back to bed so she can cover me up.
9. My favorite toy is hands down a Benebone.
10. My favorite place is sitting shotgun seat in the car. I love it because it means we are going somewhere and that I am being treated like the human I think I am. I don’t get to ride shotgun much because I have to sneak up there when my parents aren’t looking, but I usually get to stay because they can see how proud of myself I am sitting on my thrown.  


It’s my turn in the spotlight now! Are you guys ready to learn some fun facts about me, Niko? Alright,  let’s do this!
1. This might not be a suprise but I LOVE food!!! I didn’t get fed much in my first year so I have been making up for it everyday since! I don’t like lettuce, celery, or bell pepper,  but everything and anything else is good!
2. Unlike Keiko,  I’m an awkward kisser. They are few and far between so if you get an awkward kiss from me, consider yourself lucky!
3. My favorite place to be rubbed is my ears! I will melt in your hands if your rub my ears. My second favorite spot is my belly.
4. If you stop petting me, I will paw you to pet me again… just don’t stop and we will be fine.
5. You may know this but I have an allergy to the sun, that’s why I’m always in jammies.
6. I don’t like things that beep (except the microwave because food comes out of there so me and the microwave are cool). If something starts beeping I will go and hide in the nearest bathroom by the toilet. The toilet protects me from the beeps for some reason.
7. My favorite toy is the Benebone that Keiko is currently playing with.  I love to steal them from him.
8. My favorite place on the planet is my house. I love being home and feel safe there! Sometimes the outside world is a little scary.
9. I also sleep with a blankie and when it comes off in the night,  I go to Dad’s side of the bed and quietly bark in his face until he covers me back up.